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Fashion Shooting - Latex Fetish Model Susan Wayland

As I got the carton i didn't know immediatly what would be inside but as I saw the label of Latexa I needed to open it just in the moment.

A well know and so sweet smelling flavour of latex come to my nose as I opened slowly all the little plastic bags to look what's inside. At first I found a beautiful red latex top with a little cute collar - very sweet. In the second bag I found a red latex mini skirt which was obviously the perfect opposit to the top. I didn't exspect such a nice skirt because the top was itself great enough but the nice latex combination in red really rocked! :)

In the next bag there was an amazing black, long and classy latex skirt. It wasn't too kittenishly and has no frets. That was was the point why the black skirt looked alone so glamouros as I hold it in my hands. As I keeped on opening the plastic bags there was the perfect opposit to the latex skirt: an also classy and non kittenishly latex shirt. At this moment it came to my mind that this could be also a great combination!

The next bag was obviously bigger than the one before. I hold something long, crackling and black in my hands and with time I realized what it was: A very tight body accenting latex mini which was also very simple but noble ... simply perfect. Can you explain me where reflections are better visual as on a shiny black latex mini?

Many more plastic bags were to open and everytime I absorb the smell of latex and was full of pleasant anticipation to the following photo shooting. And until this moment I checked and changed very often the combination the articles of clothing. I also asked myself which shoes would fit perfectly to the outfits and of course my ballet boots souldn't be forgotten. There was also a very short and extreme tight latex hot pants in a plastic bag and I wondered a long time what could fit best. It wasn't easy because the latex hotpants was very tight in my crotch so the complete outfit was needed to be very sexy and naughty! I think my choice for the fishnet stockings was a very good one or should there be something more?

Susan Wayland

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