Fire and Ice

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Fire Ice - Glamour Model

According to old legends summer and winter season are initiated because of the voice of a beauty whose appearance is not from this world. She determines the beginning and the end of the summer and the Winter.

Where strange cold covers the lifeless earth and frost seems to nip every life in the bud, according to this legend, a girl in rare robe gives to the energy of warmness which the nature needs to change itself back to colorful live.

Perhaps it was a chance or the destiny showed the way into the wood but we got the chance to see for a short time this miraculous girl. She seemed to be even more natural than known from the legend because she looked like a sexy teenager who jumped in trance through the wood and with his body she gives an unbelievable warmth in the nearness. In addition she sang a song in an unknown language for us, nevertheless her appearance reminds us to a well known material: black latexchaps close to her body and a shiny red latex top. Even if this cannot be possible, we believed that we have seen something familiar at Westwardbound. However, we hadn't a lot of time to think about this situation. Fortunately at this day we carried our camera along with us and we could do a few snap shoots of that girl who knew briefly no cold.

The same phenomenon happened to us in the evening of a late summer day. The sun still seemed strong and tried to warm up the earth but something was a little bit different that day. The hot beams of the sun got more and more neutral and a cold shower overcame us as we saw a sexy girl in the middle of the town.

Her appearance was like a contrast because she looked incredibly hot and sexy. An extremely tight latex skirt which could not hide her incredibly sweet butt and in addition a black net top which couldn't hide her nipples were the outfit of this girl. And again this girl sung and also this time the song she was singing was in a foreign language but cold and teariness touched us from her melody. Again I had the luck to do a few pictures of that amazing situation during she was fully and completely occupied with herself and her song.

Maybe the legend is only a phantasy of people still looking for her dream girl but whom we've seen during these unusual days? And if it was only one quite normal girl, why she seemed to be so completely different? Why she moving her body in those latex outfit in the nature like she would be in a dance bar?

Were the sensations of the warmth and cold only imaginations which manipulated us so strongly solely by the sight of that beauty girl?

Susan Wayland

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