Latex Sexy Rider

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Latex Sexy Rider - Latex Fashion Model Susan Wayland

In shining and twinkling chrome she lay ahead of me, a machine which brings every biker's heart to a boil, the Merciless of Speedhouse Cycles.

Come on and let's go for a little ride?

Wrapped up in latex I wasn't afraid of facing her anymore, because you have to face such a biker's piece of jewellery with dignity and elegance. So I put on a tight, really nice, black and red catsuit of Bodycult. It fitted perfectly and was so pleasantly tight, that it emphasized every single female curve of me perfectly! The latex catsuit was, and Bodycult is known for that, made out of a unique material. It consists of two the tones black and red, which got skillfully brushed into each other and apparently made the catsuit glow. A zipper at the front soon brought quite a lot amusing thoughts to my mind and almost demanded to play with it. But wait, not right now! First of all I wanted to have fun with and on the Merciless, but therefore the two of us had to get to know each other slowly, to aquaint each other and I wanted to discover every tiny detail of her.

The Merciless in a high gloss polished shining chrome coat and Sway wrapped up in a luminous shining catsuit were facing one another rather shy at first. But the charm of the chrome and of the latex enticed me to take all my courage and to touch the Merciless softly. Swift I got lost to her spell and couldn't break loose from her any more. I wanted to feel her, lead her and hold her and just like in trance the zipper of my Catsuits opened. I felt relieved and more free and with that freedom I thought I could get away with anything ... why not? ;)

Huge Thanks again to the really dear team of Speedhouse Cycles, Bodycult and Merciless!

Susan Wayland

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