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Sweet Symphony - Latex Fetish Model Susan Wayland

It's the early practices who gives you the neccessary skills if you want to become a master. A life wisdom which can find for sure application absolutly everywhere, but certainly is training and practice more than important in an area where lot of sure instinct is needed. So one day it was time to be prepared again for a late appearance. Shouldn't look the girl during the rehearsal how will it feel to play in front of a large crowd wearing a classical outfit?

"May be the outfit modify me during my play?" guessed the beauty from all briefly called Sway. Without longer to think about this she jumped with her naked body in the unusual outfit. Many reasons could have led Sway to draw this outfit for today's test, however one reason was very important to her in truth: she loved the feeling to feel the skintight latex on her body. She loved it like the tight latex gives her body everywhere a nice pressure. She loved the shine, the smell and the feeling if she touched the latex with her hand. And in this oufit she should play a classical work of Beethoven?

Only the thought of it makes her scary. Not that she would have to be ashamed of the public. Their fear counted only for her love to latex by which she are deflected during playing and so she may be could destroy her play! She had to practice to become sure and to feel sure. Play Sway and practices! We wish you all luck.

Some personal lines of Sway

My beloved trouser-corsage of Bodycult, with all smart accessories I had now for so long and we had not done a right photo session up to now with this noble dress. The corsage trousers themselves is maded of latex with a quite interesting mermaid effect which gleams according to incidence of light from silver, purple up to green. From the same tone my small shirt collar is also done! But no-this wasn't everything: a sweet tie and gauntlets of black latex with pinstripes structure were also a part of this dress. One thing was quite clear with these outfit: It's time for a shooting with a very noble touch! What I find especially brilliantly is the cut of the trouser leg. Okay okay latex has to close really narrowly on the skin, right? ;) But this outfit is an exception!:)

The suitable equipment for the photosession was also found after longer while. When it should be noble and what fits there better than something classical? Nevertheless a violin for example, yes, this is an idea! It fitted simply perfectly to the outfit. A lot thanks goes to our dear friend Peter for his violin!

And believes me, I created during the shooting some really "interesting" tones! Maybe I should think about a second career? ;)

Susan Wayland

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