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Transparent Latex Feeling Shiny - Glamour Model

And I began to immerse into the realm of Morpheus:

I slowly opened the door ... just not too fast ..., because I did not want to interfere with the girl. Who was she? What should I start to describe her with, it seemed almost impossible. Maybe I should try to describe with words what I saw in this moment:

It was an angel, a woman and a girl at the same time. So innocent and, because of the blond hair, almost angelic did she stand before me in this "paradise of latex". Within this room each wall was covered with rubber and just the floor could still remind you a little of reality. The rest appeared to me like a pure fantasy. She was naked, and still a waferthin layer of transparent wonderfully shining latex covered even the smallest part of her tender body. In her latex is seemed as if she was lighting the room. Every curve and every curvature of her body was brought out even more as I saw her sitting in this black room. In those minutes - or were it hours actually? - I did not only fall for this dream, but for this sweetish fragrance and smell this material was spraying throughout the room, like a drug attracting me only too well.

And as I watched this girl, constantly with the hope this dream would never end I noticed that she apparently was telling a story or maybe playing a game. I did not know it exactly! In the beginning she seemed to be self-absorbed and occupied only with herself, as she romped with naked feet on the floor. Then she slowly started to dress and small sweet accessories now covered discreetly her shining body and still I knew that she was enclosed in this waferthin layer of shining nothingness. Kittenish, playful, cheeky, but still at the same time erotically and provocative, as if she was sensing mz presence, she stretched all her female weapons towards me... however interrupting these unambiguous requests instantly again... the moment I wanted to addict myself just completely, the dream, as suddenly as it started, came to an end.

Susan Wayland

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