Pool Fever in Latex - part 1 (23 photos)

Pool Fever in Latex - part 1 (23 photos)

Pool Fever in Latex - part 1 (23 photos)

On very hot days, when the sun beat down mercilessly and I can't stop sweating, I prefer wearing as few as possible clothes on my wet skin. A beautiful bikini or just lingerie is more than enough on these days and just the smallest breath of wind is welcome to cool me.

But on a very hot midsummer the lightest and smallest outfit can be too much. On this particular day I reached the point where I would love to take a pretty cool refreshment in the pool. So I decided to enjoy the refreshing in the cool water with a sexy combination consist of a red beaming bathing suit and black latex stockings and gloves. *sweet kisses* SWAY

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  • Pool Fever in Latex - part 1 (23 photos)

  • Pool Fever in Latex

    • Der98 Super sexy set. Great outfit combo.

      April 07th, 2020
    • Murksx Some kind of Baywatch? Very sexy!

      May 06th, 2020
    • Rocs25 wow another pool scene sway is made for the pool

      June 02nd, 2020
    • Rocs25 I love the latex bikini plus the red always looks amazing on sway

      June 02nd, 2020
    • Rocs25 so sexy

      June 28th, 2020
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