Blue Latex Lagoon: Part 1 (20 images)

Blue Latex Lagoon: Part 1 (20 images)

Blue Latex Lagoon: Part 1 (20 images)

I love the summer with hot passion. I enjoy feeling the sun as it slowly kisses my skin, giving me warmth and joy. I also take pleasure in wearing airy sexy outfits showing just a tad more than expected, inviting at least a second glance. Daringly showing off my uncovered belly or even wearing almost disappearing panties, I almost need to allow some lucky fellow a short but enticing view of my shapely derriere. Despite the shortage of material I am wearing, the latex, which is my preferred sin, is not really a fabric designed to be worn in summer heat. In such cases I pull out my bag of tricks and make the experience not only bearable, but sheer joy. Please enjoy this latex series! *sweet kisses* SWAY

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  • Blue Latex Lagoon

  • Blue Latex Lagoon

    • Rocs25 the colors are perfect ,nice weather, beautiful woman what else do you want?

      May 27th, 2020
    • Rocs25 the water looks amazing.....

      May 27th, 2020
    • Rocs25 I'm wondering whats prettier swsy or the background

      May 27th, 2020
    • Rocs25 wow....

      June 28th, 2020
    • EJ WOW!

      July 23rd, 2020
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