Dreamful Black Corset: Part 4 (18 Photos)

Dreamful Black Corset: Part 4 (18 Photos)

Dreamful Black Corset: Part 4 (18 Photos)

Already for several centuries girls and women were wearing tight corsets and it is quite obvious why: The female body just looks even hotter in that contraption. In the early days, the corsets were made out of fabric and needed to be tightly laced, which in some cases was a very much desired trait. Latex is quite a different story and much more unforgiving, because latex adheres to the body like a second skin, without tightening it. You can tighten the latex corset as much as you want, at the end it still gives way a bit, bottom line, it is elastic. It is very good if you need to move around, it allows you some leeway, but for making sexy photos it is not that well suited, much less for harnessing any skin imbalances. Please enjoy the photos! *sweet kisses* SWAY

  • Dreamful Black Corset Update 4
  • Dreamful Black Corset Update 3
  • Dreamful Black Corset Update 2
  • Dreamful Black Corset

  • Dreamful Black Corset

    • Murksx This is very stylish.

      May 08th, 2020
    • Rocs25 I really have no words besides stunning the corset is beautiful but wow sway you really wear it good

      May 31st, 2020
    • Rocs25 I think this is my favorite shoot out of all

      May 31st, 2020
    • Rocs25 that outfit is amazing

      June 28th, 2020
    • EJ Talk about cleavage - you've taken it to a whole different level. Simply amazing

      July 22nd, 2020
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