Second Skin Desire

101 Pictures - Video 11:45 min

March 9, 2020
Of course, you know that latex is a real passion of myself. So, it's not surprising for you that I have often this special second skin desire. If I would only hear on my heart I could always wear every latex piece but you know I'm a girl. It's very important to wear what I like to wear.
This time I decided to wear my beautiful transparent latex catsuit by Simon O. which fits – as almost every outfit – simply perfect. The latex for itself is very smooth but in the sun and the heat the latex became much smoother than usual. Can you imagine how the suit fits? I've made the right choice. The transparent catsuit allows you some sexy insights and the rubber itself is extremely tight on my body like a second skin.
You can imagine how I loved this feeling of tight warm latex on by body. So enjoy this beautiful session and of course the videos.

Second Skin DesireSecond Skin DesireSecond Skin DesireSecond Skin DesireSecond Skin Desire

What is it makes latex so extremely outstanding? Is it the indescribable carrying feeling or the futuristic shine?… I think, it is the combination of both which makes latex to the wonderfully varied material which pulls more and more people in his spell.

And just this it is what moves me to feel that certain ‚je ne said quoi‘ as well as my passion to share it with you. I invite you in my club to discover with myself together the varied facets of latex and to experience the mystery of this unique material anew with every image.